Cotton Plant
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ElkMooseDenali (Mt. McKinley)Elk YosemiteThe Grand CanyonCorn (Maize)GeeseBoston MassacreBeaverNiagra FallsWilliamsburg, VAStockadeTabacco PlantNatives dying of European introduced diseaseConquistadores slaughtering nativesThe Acoma PuebloAmerican Bison Cotton Plant
Denali (Mt. McKinley), elk, moose, The Acoma Pueblo, American bison, Yosemite, The Grand Canyon, Conquistadores slaughtering natives, natives dying of European-introduced disease, cotton plant, corn (maize), geese, tabacco plant, stockade, Williamsburg, VA, Niagra Falls, beaver, Boston Massacre
Overview of Building America, a fifty-four-foot painting of the history of the United States.
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