Flying Fish
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Native American WhalerswalrusslothmastadonsealSaber Tooth TigerMusk OxenSea OtterWhaleThe VirginQuixotic Spanish explorerConquistodores slaughter nativesSpanish atrocitiesColumbus landsAlligatorThe Peaceable KingdomThe Tree of the Knowledge of Good and EvilPilgrimsThe MayflowerChristopher ColumbusSiberian Sea CowsCrossing of the land bridgeThe WindViking ShipFlying Fishshark Leviathan
crossing of the land-bridge, the wind, Siberian sea cows, walrus, mastodon, sloth, muskoxen, saber-tooth tiger, seal, sea otter, Native American whalers, whale, Viking ship, The Virgin, Quixotic Spanish explorer, Conquistodores slaughter natives, flying fish, Christopher Columbus, Columbus lands, alligator, Spanish atrocities, shark, The Mayflower, Pilgrims, The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, The Peaceable Kingdom, Leviathan
Overview of Building America, a fifty-four-foot painting of the history of the United States.
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